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What Our Clients Say

Finally a product that fits my pocket and keeps me and my family safe from diseases. Thumbs up to Aquapura-Hygiene. Happily using it for 2 years.

Namrata Kapoor, Delhi

After being cured from Typhoid in 2014, I have been using Aquapura-Potable for Drinking water purification along with my RO system so that water is safe for complete day and does not recontaminate. I am in right hands, thats all i can say

Anuradha Shah, Mumbai

Aquapura Babysafe has taken away my worries related to sterilization of my son's baby bottle and feeders. I no longer need to boil them or use a sterilizing equipment. It is simple to use and the instruction leaflet with the package explains it all.

Sanya Kapoor, Gurgao

My worries related to the fruits and vegetables that my family eats is taken away by Aquapura Foodsafe. I can feel the freshness in them after using foodsafe. My family is eating clean and germ free. This is the best I can do to keep them disease free.

Kanika Ahuja, Delhi

Cheers to Aquapura Travelsafe, i dont need to buy water bottles while travelling. Original branded water bottles are not always available when you are touring. When thirsty, I would buy any bottled water which was ofcourse expensive & could not be trusted. With this product in my pocket, I am sure of the water I am drinking.

Neeraj Sanghvi, Mumbai

Aquapura-Tanksafe has given me a security that every drop of water that is coming from the taps in my house for my family is safe. We use Aquapura Potable for Drinking Water Purification also. Touchwood me and my family are protected by this doctor of water.

Karan Mathur, Bangalore