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The idea behind Aquapura:

Aquapura Tablets were launched with one single mission: “To provide safe, clean & purified water for drinking & all hygiene applications across India at homes and workplace”
  • India is the world’s second largest water consuming country in the world.
  • 75% of communicable diseases in India are Water Related.
  • Water borne diseases have become a major cause of Health Disruptions in India with approx 70% of India’s Water Supply being seriously polluted.

Arjun Sehgal
Founder, Aquapurashop

Our Story:

With the mission to improve the healthcare and lifestyle of masses, we realized that lack of safe water is the biggest problem in Urban and Rural India. Even though the water being supplied in our Households by Municipalities or extracted through underground boring or at an external location while travelling looks clear, it is not clean & safe to use or consume. In most of the cases, supplied water is highly contaminated, smelly and dirty.

The cost of Water Purification through Aquapura Tablets starts from Rs 0.02 paise Per Litre* (1/50th of 1 Rupee)

Vigorous R&D has gone into development of Aquapura Water Purification Tablets that is manufactured using Imported Food & Pharma Grade Ingredients and have no negative health effects. The Active Ingredient of Aquapura Tablets is imported and is used 67 countries for water purification, approved by WHO (World Health Organization) as “fit for prolonged human consumption” since 2003 and recommended by WHO, Red Cross & Bureau of Indian Standards.

Why Use Aquapura:

Even a drop of contaminated water can lead to serious water borne diseases like Typhoid, Dysentery, Cholera, Gastroenteritis etc. that can be consumed while Bathing, Brushing, Drinking, Washing, Oral Hygiene, Fruits & Vegetable Consumption, Cooking or Consuming Water/Food from contaminated Utensils and Bottles.

Disinfected and Purified Water is required in every household and at every workplace for all oral hygiene, body hygiene, drinking, food consumption and cleaning purposes Aquapura Tablets are the most economical water purification product available in the market affordable by every household class. They need no expensive maintenance, AMC’s or replacements like other Water Purifiers.

Aquapura Tablets can be used as a substitute to water purifiers and also be used along with them because its residual disinfectant provides ongoing protection to water from recontamination that cannot be provided by boiling, filtration, RO Systems, gadgets & equipments.

Aquapura tablets have applications in a wide range of hygiene activities from Household/Workplace Potable & Storage Tank Water Purification to Fruit Vegetable Disinfection, Water Purification during Calamity/Disasters, Water Purification during Travelling/Camping/Trekking, Baby Bottle & Equipment Sterilization, Hospital Disinfection, Farm Disinfection, Swimming Pool Water Disinfection.

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