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Advantages, Features, Benefits of Aquapura Water Purification Tablets


  • Proven to be effective against virtually all known Giardia, Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, and other Water Borne Diseases.
  • Safe to handle and store - no spillages or leaks.
  • Greater resistance to organic load as it contains 50% Free Available and 50% Combined Chlorine, creating equilibrium.
  • Economic and Accurate - no under or over dosing.
  • Recommended by leading infection control experts worldwide.
  • Encourages fast biocidal activity.
  • More environmental friendly as compared to other disinfectants and water purification solutions. Totally Biodegradable.
  • Fast Dissolving and ready to use quickly.
  • No unpleasant taste, odour or colour, Iodine free water purification tablets.
  • Simple to use "unit dosage" tablet format.
  • Safe and Stable tablets – 3-5 years shelf life.
  • Tablets produce measurable residual free chlorine activity.
  • Tablets are Inexpensive, low cost per Litre.
  • Available in a wide selection of tablet sizes from 1 Litre to 1,00,000 Litres.
  • Dissolves quickly in water forming clear disinfecting solution and acidic solution of ph up to 7
  • Aquapura's Active ingredient is approved to international standards with NSF/ANSI Standard 60 & and has been approved / registered for drinking water treatment by theUS Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Aquapura's Active Ingredient is non toxic and has been approved by WHO (World Health Organization) as “fit for prolonged human consumption” since 2003.
  • The biocidal capacity of Aquapura's ingredient is far superior to other chlorine disinfectants. It produces a neutral hypochlorous acid solution which is more biocidal than alkaline hypochlorite solutions like sodium hypochlorite. Only 50% of the total chlorine is free, the rest is combined, this equilibrium gives improved efficiency and safety in use when compared to other chlorine agents.





Gives 60% free chlorine (as against 30-50% for other chlorinating agents)

Highly potent pathogenic activity.


50 : 50 release mechanism

No over dosing, longer protection.


Fast dissolving, effervescent tablets

No need to crush, shake, before use, no residue.


Long shelf life (3-5 Years)

Prevent wastage


Work effectively in organic solutions too (other formulations do not remain effective in the face of organic challenges)

Wide range of applicability.


Unit dosage: Tablet Form

Easy to measure and use.


Works against viruses, bacteria, protozoan, molds, algae. Etc.

Safely against a range of water-borne diseases & illnesses.