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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Aquapura Water Purification Tablets

What is the ingredient used in Aquapura Water Purification Tablets?

Does the active ingredient of Aquapura meet any sort of certification?

How does Aquapura Work?

Do Aquapura Water Purification Tablets colour the water or leave a taste?

Is Aquapura the solution for all kinds of Water borne diseases?

What are the various Water borne diseases that can be curbed with the use of Aquapura?

What do I do if I have swallowed Aquapura?

Can Aquapura be used during pregnancy?

Do Aquapura Tablets have an expiry date or shelf life?

How do we confirm the expiry date of Aquapura Water Purification Tablets?

What are the packing options available for Aquapura Water Purification Tablets?

How do I use Aquapura Tablets for Drinking Water Purification?

How long does it take for Aquapura Tablet to dissolve and react, once it is placed into the water?

How soon can you use water after treating with Aquapura Water Purification Tablets?

Does the Aquapura tablet need to be stirred after it is added into the water?

What precautions are recommended when using Aquapura Tablets?

Can Aquapura Tablets be used on a long-term basis?

Is Aquapura a Medicine?

Are Aquapura Tablets safe to handle, store and transport?

Can Aquapura Tablets cause Allergic reactions?

Does Aquapura have adverse reactions with Metal containers?

Is Treatment of Water with Aquapura Tablets better than Boiling of Water?

What do I do if a tablet is broken?

Is Aqupura a better method of water purification than common electric water purification systems & electrical gadgets?

Does Aquapura help purify contaminated water with Metal content?

Does Aquapura address the issue of chemical contamination in water, like arsenic, fluoride etc.?

Do Aquapura tablets contain Iodine?

Can Aquapura Water Purification Tablets be used in cloudy or extremely dirty water with high levels of organic matter and turbidity?

Are Aquapura Tablets effective against the Cysts Giardia and Cryptosporidium?